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Broadcast July 21 roller did reveal one's true colors to represent the "27 Hour Television". It was events in raw production that greeted the overall host Tamori, was the slogan "unity" this year.

Is multiplied by the detention regular also called, five of the roller (28), Yanagihara Kanako (26), Watanabe Naomi (24), Sashihara Rino Becky female regular and (19), appeared, "time of Alta entered Tamori" such as "What to speak during a rehearsal of" It's going to clear after another concerning the quiz Tamori, but trap awaited the final problem. Issue "correct answer Tamori is pleased with it?" And the answer is 2 selection of "CM uninteresting without falling" and "interesting CM fell into boiling water".

When you select a boiling water fell pulling out of roller Becky leader hates the "here in the TV basis", huge hot water pool the rising white smoke from under the floor appeared. Dolly is inclined to steep slope, and fall kersplash first Yanagihara, Watanabe heavyweight continuously. In two thick, yellowtail rising heat to jump out from the pool is not unbearable, cool the body in chunks of ice. In addition, hot water shower is peppered with dipper without mercy also set detention dolly, Sashihara, roller also boiling water fell and Sur Sur Zabun followed idle.

However, if you wipe the "Iyan" hot water applied to the face, Laura fell in boiling water, start walking slowly to the pool without a how to wade through the hair, hurry. It's a gesture to calm conspicuous talent and other clearly. This is what I thought, even with the bad, Becky is Ya fall at the end,

"Attsui, Attsui!"

And, rampage in boiling water shakes large body as if set an example of the reaction tricks roller though. If you go up from the pool finally with the help of others hand, had the'll show embodies the heat in Atega~tsu to thighs ice. However, question roller hanging around a pool on the other side with no heat at all while as if even half bath though. ‥ ‥ footbath remain untouched in the ice even up from the hot water.

It seemed to not go to the unity in the reaction, criticism he concentrated "was found immediately hot water's not hot" and "broadcasting accident definitely" in the net.

Staff variety show says.

There is a drawback roller speak in Tame word without hesitation any "big game opponent-class in the talk, but the reaction is not taken at all in varieties that are required to ad-lib as boiling water bath. And in recent years, even talk Because there is. popular was thrust and so predictable many times from co-star during the program, you can only appeared in momentum now, but should disappear soon "

The harsh and. It is a roller that was labeled as one-hit wonder half-frame, but the model was originally core business.

"She has the exclusive model fashion magazine" ViVi ", but the first place in popularity did not stand so much as a model. However, after you break in a variety advance, and request office to spend the magazine more to roller was. was on the cover for the first time in the magazine launched in June this year, Takeshi claims with a "! too elated" models from other offices it "(women's magazine reporter)

The roller is ogo Ya Zu Hisashikara?

Mr. Zhi Zun castle entertainment reporter flap about the fate of the roller.

Roller does not seem uncomfortable at. Tame mouth, which is said to be in the comedian is said to be the height of his popularity "Now, do not last a long time as he. 3 months and expiration date from the peak is great, but the popularity of the one-hit wonder entertainer Because it is like, continue on TV as far in the future is difficult. encouragement to master the honorific by the Yamagomori better yet, the perfect honorific with the "I was allowed to come back" after one month It should be large uke After showing off (laughs) "

I want to see also roller licking such duplicity.
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Japanese model Rola ローラの賞味期限

The big break in the mouth Tame characters and bright personality, the last year of the rola model was Dako pulled from variety to CM (22). Activity is expected this year, but the voice of 'fresh expired "that have gone up as early as in the industry.

Has been pointed out, "merit is not in the other only Tame mouth character" and in some weekly magazine, it seems to have been estimated to be would have been replaced by the half-talent other it be made of autumn. Half talent Torindoru Rena, Haruka Christine, SHELLY these are mushrooming state indeed, roller exposure is projected even in it from being tired of it's early so unexpectedly. Moreover, gesture and tone became a hot topic as "similar to deep-roller" Mizusawa Ally and this "roller second" has also appeared, its position is threatened.

In addition, there is also information that bought antipathy of staff and big game talent by bad drinking habit. Took place on December 26 last year with a good laugh! " Co-star is exposed to the roller that was drunk at the year-end party (Fuji TV) "was rampage, but the talent mogul seemed furious at this. Put the Cha Cha as "? Not a too big that person, face a little" when Watanabe Naomi (25) Monday regular is greeting, roller drunk to start early is, of Ito Shuko (35) on Thursday regular and that cried "about you, hoo! such I know" and to pick up the microphone forcibly from her in turn.

It is not only that. And yelling that cryptic as "Kyakya" For stormed to each table that was divided for each day of the week, the fall her face table under the table in the second half of the meeting, and began spitting Gege suddenly. "Violence is Shofukuteitsurube you Mikane teacher anger "You,!'ll fly to the lower Yeah", and it was brought out to the outside of the venue. Meanwhile, I was greeted Tamori san around each table, but her seat when the roller came back just It was sitting on. then roller I was trying to rid the Tamori's a "Shoo". Tamori's have left the seat and with a forced smile, but not angry "roller? not it too Hey Good" and later beneath "(TV station officials)

Talent that a victim of drunk of the roller many, SHELLY of friends testified to be "not go to the shop again when dining out because increasing the queer voice liquor enters", Ito Asako together in the "home you are, "said ended up going to apologize in the neighborhood the next morning to when I drink, I screamed again and again as" crikey "in great loud.
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Banana peel rotten タレント・ローラの毒舌、大爆発!! 

【ローラvs毒舌熟女SP】 2012.04.10

9分40秒以降、ローラ冴えわたる 「わかりやすい!!」


腐ったバナナの皮 ⇒ Banana peel rotten

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